1. You can find your Opportunities Page in the top menu of your FIND Retail Suite Portal.

2. You can view Active and SAVED Opportunities. Active Opportunities are NEW, they have not been viewed and/or they have not been SAVED. An Opportunity will only move to the SAVED page, when you save it.

3. You can save an Opportunity by clicking on the save icon on the right hand side of the Opportunity.

We'll look at the SAVED Opportunities page soon. For now, let's keep exploring Active Opportunities!

4. You may have more than 1 page of Opportunities so you can find your additional pages here.

5. You can custom sort through your different types of Opportunities by selecting SORT BY in the top right hand corner of your Opportunities Page.

6. Opportunities that have not been viewed will have a coloured bar on the left hand side and Active Opportunities will show days remaining until the Opportunity will expire.

7. Viewed Opportunities will be listed below the the Opportunities that have not been viewed, they won't have the coloured bar on the left hand side. Expired Opportunities show Expired on the right hand side and eventually they do get removed.

8. You will find the Product Name and number of units (1), the Audience size, the number of customers who are most likely to want that product next (2), and the total Potential Revenue (3) of that Opportunity. Note: Potential Revenue is calculated by matching the number of products and number of customers and the selling price of the product in the Opportunity. 

9. You'll find the Opportunity name in the bottom left hand corner of the Opportunity.

10. You'll find the Opportunity type at the bottom middle of the Opportunity.

11. You can delete the Opportunity by selecting the menu at the top of the grey bar on the left hand side of the Opportunity.

Note: When you delete an Opportunity, you will be prompted to provide feedback and this feedback is used to make your Opportunities more relevant and actionable for you. So it's much better to have your Opportunity deleted than it is for it to Expire and be removed.

12. You'll be able to see when the Opportunity was last updated on the bottom right hand corner of the Opportunity. To get the latest version of the Opportunity manually refresh the Opportunity by clicking on the refresh button located on the side action bar.

13. The send icon on the grey bar at the right of the Opportunity will take you to the Campaigns page (you can learn more about the Campaigns page HERE), so you can send, plan or save a Campaign.

14. You can learn more about the Audience Group in that Opportunity by clicking DETAILS

This is what you'll see in DETAILS. Average Basket, Net Sales and Net Sales of the Top 3 Deciles in that Audience Group. (Deciles are calculated by taking the group and dividing it into 10 equal parts). 

In DETAILS, you'll also See the Opportunity Name and you'll have the option to Save Opportunity.

15. If you choose to save the Opportunity, it will look like this. You can select to save just the Audience Group, just the Product Group or both.

16. If you save the Opportunity without saving the Audience Group, then the Opportunity will be listed in saved Opportunities. If you save the Audience Group also by selecting it, it will show up in Segments in Audience Groups.

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